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ESVAGT currently has almost 200 inexperienced ship assistants on internship on our 42 ships. There is a focus on targeted training and education of
the individual and the opportunity for a subsequent career as a ship assistant or navigator. All ships have permanent Danish crews. There is professional
pride and a good camaraderie on board the ships. Working as an Inexperienced Ship Assistant at ESVAGT is both challenging and very varied.
You are part of an educational position where you receive thorough training and support during your development.

The main tasks as an Unskilled Ship Assistant are to be part of the emergency services, but also to make sure that everything is clean and tidy everywhere
on the ship. There is also a lot of maintenance work omboard. In addition, you must take an active part in the many exercises that are every single week
- including firefighting, first aid and FRB sailing. Some ships do not have a cook on board, so here you will also have galley service. In step with your
professional development, you will have more independent tasks.

As an Unskilled Ship Assistant, you have the opportunity to be employed in ship group 1, 2 and SOV, depending on where there is a vacancy and what your competencies are.
You can read about the different ship groups on the web page.

If you want a future at sea with us, we offer:

Internship agreement for a minimum of 12 months effective sailing time
A varied and inspiring job, with the opportunity for personal and professional development
Structured training according to ESVAGT's own education book and internship education book from the school
Opportunity to try to work in both the machine, bridge and deck before choosing a field of study
4 weeks enlistment followed by 4 weeks off
Exercise equipment, internet and own chamber

In order for us to take you into account for the position, the following should be in order:

Completed (ore started) a maritime training as Unskilled ship assistant (At the agreed starting point).
Valid health certificate and passport - and preferably a seafaring book
Criminal record must be shown (max. 3 months old)
Pure drug test (ESVAGT pays the test upon employment)
Want to make a difference through your work with fire, rescue and first aid at sea at ESVAGT
Designated Security Duties VI / 6-4
Can communicate orally and in writing in Danish and English
Good IT skills
Possibility to sail 4 weeks enlistment (2 men share a position)

Further information:

If you have questions about the job, you are welcome to contact
Recruitment & Training Officer Christina Hald Andersen on tel. 78 730 774.
Application: Enter application and CV on via the page here. We have vacancies on an ongoing basis and interviews are therefore also held on an ongoing basis. 
If you are selected for interview, you will be asked to complete an online person profile analysis.

Briefly about Esvagt: ESVAGT provides safety and support at sea. Our most important tasks are rescue and oil spill preparedness in and around the oil / gas fields
as well as services for offshore wind farms. ESVAGT's specialized ships and crew are a crucial part of maritime safety.

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